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La Cultura Salumi's Recipe

Find the best meat imaginable

Create a blend of spices for today’s discerning buyer

Dry-age the meat using traditional Italian methods

Add patience – in large quantities

La Cultura Salumi Inc. is a Canadian, modern dry aging meat plant that employs Italian artisanal techniques. Our company uses authentic Italian recipes, high quality spices and local wines to produce delicious, healthy, low sodium products.

All of our salumi (dry aged meats) are aged in top-end air and humidity controlled rooms.


La Cultura Salumi Inc.

La Cultura Salumi can be found between Belleville and Trenton, Ontario at
842 Hamilton Road, Belleville, Ontario
Email: info@laculturasalumi.com
Phone: 613 962 0719 · Mobile: 647 282 7707

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