About La Cultura Salumi Inc.

At La Cultura Salumi, we have a passion for creating the finest dry aged meat in Canada.
We are proud of our results – unparalleled taste.
It’s what you would expect from a company that considers its work to be a craft.

From Our Family To Yours

La Cultura Salumi is the result of our lifelong love of exceptional food, and we are very proud of what we have achieved. After working in the meat business for many years, we began to dream of retirement. Our retirement dream included a project near to our hearts – we want to enjoy fine Italian air-dried meats, here in Canada.

Having immigrated to Canada when he was a young boy, Frank’s roots on his family’s farm in Italy drew him back over the years. It was on these visits that he decided to work alongside the Italian masters of air-dried meats, to perfect his craft. He learned the value of hand-selecting each piece of meat, and the benefits of providing personal attention.

Thirty years later, Frank has perfected the secrets of his trade:
Patience – Excellence – Quality.
The results – simply delicious.
Our business reflects our dedication to bringing you the highest-quality artisan meats.
From our family’s table to yours…

~ Frank and Jane Abballe

Our Home Is Our Salumeria

We are so dedicated to bringing you the best quality meat that we built our home directly above our business. This allows us to frequently check the progress and drying conditions of our meats. Low sodium meat products need care and attention – and that is what we provide.

We are located between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.
La Cultura Salumi can be found between Belleville and Trenton, Ontario
at 842 Hamilton Road, moments from the 401.

We welcome you to join us, to experience La Cultura Salumi first hand.

Cin Cin! To Your Health!

Improving on tradition can be difficult.
But we’ve succeeded by modernizing our goods to coincide with the demand for healthy food.

The air-drying methods commonly used in the industry involve high levels of salt to aid in preservation.   La Cultura Salumi dry-ages its meats with lower amounts of sodium,  a welcome improvement for people who love meat, but who watch their salt intake.

We take pride in knowing where our meat comes from, and knowing exactly what ingredients are used.
There are no fillers.  We don’t cook, boil or inject moisture into our meats.

The results – simply delicious!


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